Hello Yellow

by petal & pins

yellow dressClaire Danes and Julianne Moore both chose yellow dresses to wear to the recent Emmy  Awards. I think yellow is  hard for most people to wear but it looked striking on both. I have a client who loves the colour & I’ve designed several outfits in what I think of as her signature colour – from the soft buttery tones right up to a bold cadmium.

It got me thinking has there ever been any yellow in my wardrobe and I can only think of a bright canary yellow hand crocheted poncho when I was about 7 years old.

Yellow delights me more in the garden, a banksia rose, daffodils, daisies, a lemon tree abundant with fruit, the wattle that are in full bloom around the neighbourhood at the moment.

When I was little we would pick butter cup flowers and hold them under our chin and ask “do I love butter?” the glossy  petals would reflect yellow on to our skin eliciting an excited yes you do! I don’t remember who showed us this quirky game but in the garden on the corner of our street was a patch of buttercups that my sister and I eagerly anticipated reaching on our walk to Sunday school each week to pick and play the game.