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Month: February, 2013


© Sandra Alcorn 2012

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

Patience & Posies

My “about” page gives some insight into how my Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe began.

I am delighted that in some small way my creations brighten someone’s day, be it from subscribing to this blog or giving / receiving one of my Petal & Pins cards.

Mostly the flowers are from my garden, if not they are from a friend’s or picked when walking my dog – but only where they hang over fences or ramble on verges – I am yet to knock on  a strangers door to request an admired bloom!

I have also slipped the Fairy’s coat hanger into my purse when travelling, doing a ‘tropical collection’ which included the  Fern Flapper Dress, from my sister’s garden on Magnetic Island.

Sometimes I really want to do one but can’t find something that sparks the imagination and this reminds me of the virtue of patience.

Petal Hearts & Silk Roses

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

Good Fortune, Prosperity & Roses

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

Today is Chinese New Year’s eve and Gong Xi Fa Cai is the traditional greeting that means “wishing you prosperity”.

Tonight I am celebrating the occasion at a banquet cooked by a fabulous friend. The invitation requests guests wear something red, symbolising good fortune.

Red also happens to be one of my friend’s favourite colours so it’s not surprising that she grows red roses which she shared for this Garden Fairy’s dress.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s festivities and in the spirit of the day – Gong Xi Fa Cai to you!

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