Patience & Posies

by petal & pins

My “about” page gives some insight into how my Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe began.

I am delighted that in some small way my creations brighten someone’s day, be it from subscribing to this blog or giving / receiving one of my Petal & Pins cards.

Mostly the flowers are from my garden, if not they are from a friend’s or picked when walking my dog – but only where they hang over fences or ramble on verges – I am yet to knock on  a strangers door to request an admired bloom!

I have also slipped the Fairy’s coat hanger into my purse when travelling, doing a ‘tropical collection’ which included the  Fern Flapper Dress, from my sister’s garden on Magnetic Island.

Sometimes I really want to do one but can’t find something that sparks the imagination and this reminds me of the virtue of patience.