Serendipity & Teacups

by petal & pins

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

I started this week excitedly impatient – a friend I hadn’t seen for 6 years was coming to visit and we both squealed with delight at seeing each other again.

It was serendipitous that we first met many moons ago and my life is richer for it – perhaps my Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe would not exist if we hadn’t, for my friend was a florist and  for the short time we actually lived in the same city our lives, passions and youthful enthusiasm intertwined.

She would send me amazing flowers for birthdays, when she knew I was feeling blue or for no particular reason at all. When we shared a house for 6 months she would bring home bunches of fabulous flowers and my knowledge and passion of flowers grew.

Our birthdays are about 6 months apart and we have just entered another decade. I bought her a special teacup – and a matching one for me. This week we ‘christened’ them with champagne and shared ‘green-jasmine tea bubbles’ (the recipe is from ‘the vintage tea party book’ by Angel Adoree) and earl grey and english breakfast tea.

We spent the week chatting, eating, drinking, star gazing, lounging about, gallery visiting, and making Garden Fairy designs together out of passionfruit flowers – my friend created the first Garden Fairy’s palazzo pantsuit – that sums up her fabulous style perfectly!

Today is International Women’s Day – a day with special memories for my friend and me as we once shared and celebrated it together at the International Women’s Day event in a park in Brisbane, Queensland – we were young, educated and single with freedoms, choices and possibilities ahead of us – things that alas are still not recognised as a right for some women of the world.

We shared a cup of tea this morning and then carefully wrapped up one teacup for her journey back to the other end of the country, gave each other a big hug and promised phone conversations over a cup of tea until next time we meet up.