An Elf In My Letterbox

by petal & pins

letter from Ziggy Shortcrust

I love an ‘old fashioned ‘ handwritten letter that comes via the postman, I have a collection tucked into boxes too special to discard after delivering their message. So when I came across Ziggy Shortcrust and her personal challenge to revive the lost art of the handwritten letter I was intrigued and excited to participate.

Ziggy’s letters are not just handwritten – they’re illustrated with elves!

Working from home I can hear when the postman arrives – and sometimes there is a slight sense of excitement that today he has slipped something special into the letterbox – lush fabric swatches from abroad, a postcard from a friends travels, a thank you note from a client…………or a letter from Ziggy Shortcrust with my very own elf!

Inspired  by my blog, Ziggy conjured up an elf adorned with ‘sweet scented blooms’.

My elf is beautiful, and I wrote back to thank Ziggy and tell her it reminds me of the school formal dress I made for my niece which was adorned with tiny handmade tulle flowers which she also wore in her hair.

petite handmade tulle flowers

petite handmade tulle flowers

dress detail  © Sandra Alcorn 2012

dress detail

My niece is coming to visit in September – this is her final year of high school and again I’m delighted to be creating a special dress for her. I will show her my letter from Ziggy, I ‘m sure she’d like her own elf – one inspired by her talent for fire twirling.

Flower Elf by Ziggy Shortcrust

Flower Elf by Ziggy Shortcrust

You can read about Ziggy’s wonderful letter writing project here.