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Month: January, 2014

The Salon

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

© Sandra Alcorn 2014


It’s wedding season here.

I leave a  trail of beads, pins and lace fragments – like Gretel leaving breadcrumbs.

I wistfully look out to the garden, if only there were time to play in the sunshine.

Maybe on the weekend.



yellow gown


The Hypericums waxy bright yellow flowers add a ‘sunny’ touch along the garden path in summer.


Make Mine An Old Fashioned

cream hydranga

On Sunday Mr Petal & Pins and I went for a drive in the picturesque Derwent Valley.

We called into the  historic Redlands Estate at the beautifully named place Plenty. It is home to one of two ‘paddock to bottle’ single malt whiskey distilleries in the world.

Whilst we didn’t do any whiskey tasting, we did explore the pleasure gardens and enjoy a glass of wine in the afternoon sun.

The hydrangeas were laden with blooms, as are the ones in my garden from which I created this Garden Fairy’s dress. Some people consider them old fashioned – perhaps like me they remember them growing in their grandparents garden. It was my grandmother who taught me to smash the stems and stand them in hot water to make them last longer in a vase.

I’d like to re-visit Redlands Estate and see the garden in Autumn and Spring – It’s the perfect destination for a Sunday drive.

Reflection & Inspiration

Happy New Year!

Last year my Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe was featured on Urban Gardens and Plant Propaganda and recently Inam Péna – a horticultural therapist and healing garden designer from Spain bought some of my work and plans to post about it for her followers. Inam has set me my first challenge for the new year – translating some of my blog and etsy store into Spanish. Doesn’t her job sound wonderful, I’m sure it goes beyond just a job and is a passion.

Thank you for following, sharing and commenting on my musings and artwork thus far – may 2014 be a year of passion, happiness and good health for you.

I’m not one for making New Year resolutions but I was asked what I have in mind for Petal & Pins this year and this is what I would love to do or set in motion – spend some time as an artist in residence in a fabulous garden somewhere – so if you have any suggestions, an invitation or helpful advice in achieving this let me know.

If you’ve just come to my blog I hope you will meander through past posts to see what’s in my Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe.

And now enjoy a stroll through my garden – my place for reflection and inspiration.

Sandra x

front gate rosesgarden pathfront gardenpink rose and beauty bushCecile Brunner RoseirisPeace RosePeonybackyard Agnes and the lemon treeall images © Sandra Alcorn 2013

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