Jupiter’s Beard & The Queen Of Vines

by petal & pins

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

I had to go to my bookshelf to discover the name of the flowers I used for this Garden Fairy’s gown (it is indeed a gown rather than simply a dress – perhaps inspired by the metres of tulle I’m currently sewing up for my latest bride).

Consulting The Gardener’s Book of Colour I was able to identify it – Centranthus ruber albus – commonly referred to as Jupiter’s Beard.

I must say it’s prettier and more delicate than what a beard conjures up but I think naming it Jupiter’s gives it an air of magic.

Recently I discovered on Nathalie’s blog Cover Me In Flowers that clematis are sometimes referred to as Old Man’s Beard. I was similarly underwhelmed by the name but Nathalie reminded me of the feathery seed puffs that form and could be described as beard like.

I’ve never had much success at growing clematis but perhaps come Spring I’ll try again though I don’t think I’ll be calling it Old Man’s Beard – I much prefer their other name Queen of Vines.