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Month: May, 2015

Shiny & New!

I am very excited to announce the launch of the petal and pins online shop to coincide with three new Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe card sets – the Catwalk Collection, Prêt à Porter Collection and Red Carpet Collection.

There are also limited edition prints, ‘Ode to Coco Chanel’ card trio sets and some other bits of loveliness in paper and cloth.

To celebrate this new step in the petal & pins journey and as a thank you for following it thus far I am offering you *free shipping worldwide on purchases of any Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe Card Set  – just enter the code FREESHIPPING615   *offer expires 30 June 2015

petal & pins website launch

p.s. A big thank you to Mr Petal & Pins who created it for me – apart from my creative input all credit must go to him and I couldn’t be more delighted with the result – I hope you like it too!

kind regards,


Market Days

Last week was cold and grey but my studio was full of colour with new collections of my Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe cards to bundle up for two design markets on the weekend in Hobart.

Mr Petal & Pins and I have had a busy few weeks getting the new cards printed and working on some new exciting things for petal & pins but I found some time to create these garden fairy dresses with the lovely autumn hued leaves from the cherry tree at the bottom of my garden.

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

The sun came out for the weekend which put a smile on everyone’s face and made our market days very pleasant indeed!

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

The next market dates are:

the market Sunday September 20 and Xmas Market Sunday December 6

The Barn Market Saturday September 19 and Xmas Markets Nov 27 and 28

Flowers & Seedpods

With the sun shining this morning I created two dresses with the flowers of Leonotis Leonurus and the seedpods from Iris foetidissima.

I’ve often combined the two in a vase – the splash of orange is a dramatic inclusion to an Autumn arrangement – but this is the first time using them for my Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe.

This is one of the dresses and you can can see the other at the petal & pins Facebook page.

© 2015 Sandra Alcorn

Street Flowers

street pansystreet poppy

I love coming across a random self seeded flower where I least expect to see one.

When I saw this pansy and poppy the Oscar Wilde quote “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”  popped into my head.

It’s part of the lyrics of the Pretenders song Message Of Love – and before I knew it I was humming the tune as I continued on my walk down the road.

Leafy Layers #2

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

Leafy Layers #1

Apple Cosy

Autumn Vase

There was not much blue sky today mostly it’s been rainy and grey. As predicted the wind has whipped up and I can hear it howling and whirling around rustling the leaves as I write.

Yesterday I picked a vase of flowers and the splash of orange is perfect to add some brightness to inside as a counterpoint to the drab weather, especially as the forecast for the rest of the week is for more of the same.

Not a lot of flowers about in my garden at the moment but lots of Autumn foliage and seed pods so I have used those in my arrangement with a few nasturtiums and minaret flowers.

orange and green

I popped the ‘apple cosy’ I bought on our road trip to the north west of Tasmania along side the vase (isn’t it cute!). Besides the colours complementing the flowers it’s a perfect symbol of mid autumn at my place since there are apples still on my tree and a cupboard full of just bottled apples ready for a winter of apple crumbles.

apple cosy from Smithton

I had never heard of, much less seen an apple cosy before – its purpose is to stop an apple getting bruised in a lunchbox. When I saw this little bit of knitted cuteness I immediately thought of my Fairy Dust friend who loves apples so I’ll be giving it to her next time we catch up.

Have you ever seen an apple cosy?

What’s your favourite winter apple dessert?

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