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Summer Shadows

geraniums in Venice


Palazzo Dreaming

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

I’m joining Cathy from Rambling in the Garden for ‘In A Vase On Monday’ today.

The purple flowers I’ve used have randomly spread throughout the garden and perhaps someone can identify them for me.

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

I’ve chosen bottles I’ve repurposed as vases for today’s arrangements. The green one once contained puréed Italian tomatoes and the clear short one is a balsamic vinegar bottle so it seemed fitting to photograph them in front of my Venice window.

What is my Venice window you may ask?
When our neighbour built a deck that lessened our privacy through the end of our sunroom I came up with a more creative solution than curtains or a blind.

Mr Petal & Pins and I have a soft spot for Venice and its beautiful architecture so we went through our holiday pics and chose one of a window in Palazzo Pesaro Croce – The Galleria Internationale d’Arte Moderna. The proportions were a perfect fit for the window shape so we resized the image, got it printed and voila – our Venice window!

It still lets the light in and when lazing on the daybed at the other end of the sunroom we can make believe we’re in our own palazzo!

© Sandra ALcorn 2014

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

A Lingering Reminder

Venice Fabric

This morning it was raining.

When it rains in the morning it often takes me back to the last day of my first visit to Venice. It was one of the few days it rained on that holiday, and opening the shutters I looked out the window to a steady stream of coloured umbrellas heading over the Ponte Chiodo bridge below.

As everyone scurried to where ever they were heading I lingered at the window watching and promised myself I’d be back. I bought a length of fabric on that trip from a shop on Strada Nova in the Cannaregio district – it now hangs on my wall, a daily reminder of a few days spent in  a city I fell in love with.

Last year I made good on my promise and returned to Venice. Again I bought some fabric, this time from the Fortuny workshop on the island of Guidecca. I made another promise to myself and in the meantime the fabrics are a reminder of happy holidays – and rainy mornings when you’ve time to linger.

Fortuny Fabric

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