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Celebration & Anticipation

petal & pins geranium dress card and spring vase

Ahh spring…you lift the spirits like no other season!

Maybe it’s all the colour that you bring or the sweet scents of jasmine,jonquils and magnolias that fills the air.

If I were in Sydney I’d be heading to the David Jones Flower Show – this years theme is a Celebration of Fragrance.

I’ve had my own mini flower show on the dining table this week with a trio of vases filled with camellias, peonies, jonquils, grape hyacinths, hellebores and japonica. Inspired by the David Jones Flower show I clustered them together for maximum impact.

Ahh spring…you inspire celebration and anticipation every year.spring vase trio

spring flowers



Happy First Day Of Spring

camellias and blossoms

Last week started out sunny in Hobart, there was even enough sunshine to decide to eat lunch outside and linger but by the end of the week Winter wanted a last hurrah and it rained, hailed and howled.

More snow fell on the mountain and my early flowering camellias dropped on the ground.

They are too pretty to leave languishing so I brought a few inside to enjoy before the petals had a chance to brown. Combined with a few pretty pink blossoms on a vintage plate I think they look rather scrumptious.

It could be reinterpreted into a dessert – meringue and raspberries perhaps?!
Instead I created a confection of a dress for my Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe.

Spring dress

© Sandra Alcorn 2015  petal & pins

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Camellias, Cards and Coco

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

Last spring I received my first Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe request for an “Ode to Chanel” using camellias.

As the camellias in my garden are pink, friends offered up the spoils of their garden and so one evening I went around and with scissors in hand my friends surveyed their camellia bushes and chose the most perfect blooms to fill up my basket.

I had enough blooms to create a collection of designs, and inspired by the tradition of closing a haute couture show with a wedding dress, decided on a bridal theme.

I am excited to announce that they are now available as a trio of greeting cards – perfect for a fashionista’s birthday or an invitation to a celebration!

You can purchase a set from my petal & pins shop.

© Sandra Alcorn 2012

© Sandra Alcorn 2012

Ode To Chanel

© Sandra Alcorn 2012

© Sandra Alcorn 2012

© Sandra Alcorn 2012

© Sandra Alcorn 2012

© Sandra Alcorn 2012

© Sandra Alcorn 2012


Coco Chanel’s signature flower was the camellia.  Friends generously offered up a basketful of blooms from their garden. Merci beaucoup David et Margot!

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