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fleurs en papier

fleur en papier

I was going to photograph my Spring garden today but it’s raining.

Instead I ‘m sharing with you my ‘Paris Flowers’ that I made earlier in the year.

I called them this  inspired by the combination of soft pink  wash I painted on the paper and black satin ribbon bows that form the sepals.

Paper flower making  seems to be having a ‘moment’ by the stream of gorgeous ones appearing in my instagram feed lately.

There are some exquisite ones by artists making them from crepe paper, special crepe paper mind you not the flimsy bright coloured stuff of kindergarten craft memories.

I think though my métier is for using real flowers for my garden fairy dresses so my fabric scissors are safe from being given over to paper anytime soon.

fleurs en papier #2

A Pansy Gown & Velvet Petals

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

I have made several attempts to establish a pansy patch in my garden. Finding a spot that gets enough sun but doesn’t attract my dog to sit on it has been the challenge and finally I seem to have succeeded, planting them around the foot of my dogwood tree and getting more than enough to pick some for my Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe.

I particularly love the rich purple and burgundy ones – the petals look so velvety.

My earliest memory of pansies is actually of a small bunch of faux ones made of velvet that my sister and I played with at my grandmothers house. I am not sure if they originally adorned a lapel or the waistline of a dress or of what vintage they would have been.

From La Droguerie on rue du Jour in Paris I bought these gorgeous flowers they’re not really pansies but they did remind me of that vintage posy I was so fond of as a child.

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

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