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Other Places & Sunny Faces

The heartsease seeds I planted in summer are thriving.

Even with our cold start to winter they are still flowering and I find myself wandering down to where they’re growing just to see their ‘sunny faces’ –  such a simple thing always makes me smile and lifts my mood.

I’ve been picking some and letting others go to seed so I can scatter them in other places.

You may remember the tiny no bigger than a thimble vase I use for them in Love-in-Idleness – just one of the other names they go by.

I have been contemplating designing a dress with them for My Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe but so far have just picked enough to create this delicate bodice.

© Sandra Alcorn 2015

© Sandra Alcorn 2015


in the palm of my handOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA© Sandra Alcorn 2015

 I know these tiny tri-coloured violas as heartsease.

You may know them by the name tickle-my-fancy or come-and-cuddle-me or jack-jump-up -and-kiss-me or love-in-idleness.

Or perhaps another name?

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