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Kaleidoscope Garden




camellias© Sandra Alcorn 2013

Playing with my iPad and seeing what’s different since upgrading to iOS 7 I took a look at the photo booth app and decided to aim it at something other than me using the kaleidoscope setting.
Intrigued with the result I took it down into the garden for some more interesting subject matter and I think the results are quite gorgeous.
The patterns created are lush and ‘lace’ like – they would be fabulous as digital prints on fabric – a current trend in both fashion and interiors.

(iPad) Illustration Novice

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

I’m a novice at drawing on my iPad – too many other wonderful things to do with it and look at that I rarely play around with the drawing apps I have.

If I was a New Years resolution kind of person I might have made one to make more time to master it but hey there’s lots of things it would be nice to have more time for!

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