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Apple Cosy

Autumn Vase

There was not much blue sky today mostly it’s been rainy and grey. As predicted the wind has whipped up and I can hear it howling and whirling around rustling the leaves as I write.

Yesterday I picked a vase of flowers and the splash of orange is perfect to add some brightness to inside as a counterpoint to the drab weather, especially as the forecast for the rest of the week is for more of the same.

Not a lot of flowers about in my garden at the moment but lots of Autumn foliage and seed pods so I have used those in my arrangement with a few nasturtiums and minaret flowers.

orange and green

I popped the ‘apple cosy’ I bought on our road trip to the north west of Tasmania along side the vase (isn’t it cute!). Besides the colours complementing the flowers it’s a perfect symbol of mid autumn at my place since there are apples still on my tree and a cupboard full of just bottled apples ready for a winter of apple crumbles.

apple cosy from Smithton

I had never heard of, much less seen an apple cosy before – its purpose is to stop an apple getting bruised in a lunchbox. When I saw this little bit of knitted cuteness I immediately thought of my Fairy Dust friend who loves apples so I’ll be giving it to her next time we catch up.

Have you ever seen an apple cosy?

What’s your favourite winter apple dessert?

Bobbles & Pom Poms

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

I don’t have a wattle tree in my garden but  the wattle trees around my neighborhood are out in a blaze of yellow. The ‘fluffy’ flowers are a ‘sunny’ sight even if the day is not. I have an old jumper which is hand knitted in a stitch that makes little bobbles  and when I see the wattle it reminds me of this.

On my last visit to Sydney I looked through my mothers old knitting patterns and found a 50’s vintage one for a beret – I’m not a knitter so mum volunteered to have a go at making one. This morning she emailed to say it’s finished! – I just need to make and add the pompom which I’m thinking of creating in some faux fur instead of a wool.

I’m crossing my fingers it arrives in time to take away on a shack weekend  – perfect for winter beach walks. And I wonder what flowers I’ll find on the east coast of Tassie at this time of year?

PS. Thanks mum!

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