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It’s a new year and I have a new vase, a Xmas present from Mr Petal & Pins!

It is by Tasmanian designer Sally Cassandra and features a striking imprint of lace that has been pressed into the surface and highlighted with black glaze.

It also has this interesting detail applied to the inside which makes it a striking object just on its own which is how I’ve been enjoying it displayed on the mantle piece since Xmas.

Yesterday we  did some pruning in the garden and with a few small branches of maple leaves too beautiful to just add to the compost pile I decided to create my first 2016 flower arrangement for In a Vase On Monday.

I picked hydrangeas and lavender growing by the front of the house, both are such a mass of blooms I will be able to have several vases full and still have a showy display outside. The last addition was a piece of trumpet vine – the flowers similar in colour to the hydrangea but a nice contrast in shape.


In a Vase On Monday was started by Cathy from Rambling In The Garden as a weekly ritual of bringing something from the garden inside no matter what the season – why not join in for 2016 – post a link to yours in her comments section or add #inavaseonmonday to your instagram pics.


© Sandra Alcorn 2014

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

I’ve been bolder this year in pruning the lavender bushes back in the half circle garden bed that follows the path to my front door.

Over summer they were taller than me and a buzz with bees. The ants seemed to like them too which made me less inclined to pick it for vases.

But as the days grew cooler, the ants moved on and I harvested the flower spikes to dry.

My mother took some back to Sydney along with some pretty lace scraps to make lavender bags.

There are now new shoots appearing  on the bushes and I await with interest how tall they will be come Spring.

Lavender Girl

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

© Sandra Alcorn 2013

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