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A Beautiful Mess

The big voluptuous blooms from the tree peony  started to slump in the cut glass vase and as the petals started to dry the colours intensified.

I left the vase sitting on the cocktail cabinet and every day  more petals gathered around the base of the vase looking like a decadently dishevelled ball gown discarded by my garden fairy.

When it became more mess than beautiful I scooped up the petals to design with – their texture like silk paper taffetta and each one uniquely shaped and coloured I almost got lost in admiring their detail.

There is beauty in decay.





An Autumn Afternoon

Autumn in my Hobart gardenAutumn colour in my gardenAutumn colourThe late afternoon sun shining through the trees in my garden is like looking at stained glass windows.

Jewelled Webs

misty morning

I woke up this morning to a view of fog and only the tops of the bare branched trees visible. Walking down the street the city and river were also blanketed in white.

After raining most of the night everything glistened with raindrops and I decided when I returned from my morning walk I would go looking for ‘raindrop beaded’ spiderwebs in the garden.

cobweb series

cobweb series

cobweb series

cobweb series

spiderweb series

On the weekend I discovered snowdrops in flower and one or two early blossoms on the plum tree but this morning’s fog showed there is more winter to get through yet.


And beauty to be found in the garden whatever the season.

birds in cherry tree

cobweb in the lilac treeAll photos © Sandra Alcorn 2014

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