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Time & Tide

There was wild weather all around Tasmania last week and it was still pouring with rain as we headed off for a few days up the east coast on Friday for some time out and to celebrate Mr Petal & Pins birthday.

We arrived at Rocky Hills Retreat pleased to find the wood heater already lit and we could enjoy watching the brooding atmosphere outside while cosily tucked up on  the couches with a glass of champagne.

The Retreat has an old weatherboard church relocated from Hobart which has been turned into a creative studio for guests so on Saturday morning we wandered up after breakfast to explore and play.

Mr Petal & Pins dusted off his musical skills and found a spot to sit where the sun was streaming in to strum a guitar while I chose to sketch him with charcoal.

Sunday we woke up to blue sky and sunshine, perfect for a drive further up the coast to Friendly Beaches in the Freycinet National Park.

I made this Garden Fairy’s dress in situ and then left it for the tide to take.

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

I went a little crazy taking photos on the beach and I thought I’d share a few since you might not be familiar with this part of the world.
It is a beautiful place, the colours magical on a sunny day…and as you can see we had the whole beach to ourselves!

Friendly Beaches Tasmania

Friendly Beaches Tasmania

Friendly Beaches Tasmania

Friendly Beaches Tasmania

beach flora

rocks east coast Tasmania

rocks east coast Tasmania

Friendly Beaches Tasmania

view from Cape Torville

all photos © Sandra Alcorn 2014

Jewelled Webs

misty morning

I woke up this morning to a view of fog and only the tops of the bare branched trees visible. Walking down the street the city and river were also blanketed in white.

After raining most of the night everything glistened with raindrops and I decided when I returned from my morning walk I would go looking for ‘raindrop beaded’ spiderwebs in the garden.

cobweb series

cobweb series

cobweb series

cobweb series

spiderweb series

On the weekend I discovered snowdrops in flower and one or two early blossoms on the plum tree but this morning’s fog showed there is more winter to get through yet.


And beauty to be found in the garden whatever the season.

birds in cherry tree

cobweb in the lilac treeAll photos © Sandra Alcorn 2014

Time To Rug Up

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

© Sandra Alcorn 2014

With Mr Petal & Pins I’ve just spent a few days in Melbourne. We returned home to decidedly cooler weather and even more spectacular Autumn colours in the garden.

It’s ten degrees and drizzling rain as I post this, definitely the time of year when coats and scarves come out of the wardrobe.

This season my Garden Fairy’s got a new coat – but I’m sure she’ll be wearing her other one too – she’s thrifty like that!

April In Paris

peonies on a flower stall in le Marais

© Sandra Alcorn 2008

© Sandra Alcorn 2008

© Sandra Alcorn 2008

As an antidote to waking up to it pouring with rain I’m listening to Count Basie & His Orchestra – April In Paris – and reminiscing about strolling around “La Ville-Lumiére”.


A Lingering Reminder

Venice Fabric

This morning it was raining.

When it rains in the morning it often takes me back to the last day of my first visit to Venice. It was one of the few days it rained on that holiday, and opening the shutters I looked out the window to a steady stream of coloured umbrellas heading over the Ponte Chiodo bridge below.

As everyone scurried to where ever they were heading I lingered at the window watching and promised myself I’d be back. I bought a length of fabric on that trip from a shop on Strada Nova in the Cannaregio district – it now hangs on my wall, a daily reminder of a few days spent in  a city I fell in love with.

Last year I made good on my promise and returned to Venice. Again I bought some fabric, this time from the Fortuny workshop on the island of Guidecca. I made another promise to myself and in the meantime the fabrics are a reminder of happy holidays – and rainy mornings when you’ve time to linger.

Fortuny Fabric

Rhubarb & Rhododendrons

Yesterday daylight saving began which seems to put everyone in a good mood. The weather was perfect for afternoon tea in my friend Amanda’s garden and she had baked a delicious cake with gin and lemon syrup for the occasion.

With that extra daylight in the late afternoon we felt inspired to tackle dividing the rhubarb. Last summer from a recipe in Skye Gyngell’s book “A year in my kitchen” I made some rhubarb ice cream, the recipe’s photo shows a lovely delicate pink vanilla bean speckled ice cream, mine turned out a vivid pink but the flavour was amazing.

A gin & tonic followed to toast the coming summer and then I left Amanda to finish the task, but not before requesting a spray of her beautiful rhododendron blooms for my garden fairy’s wardrobe.

Umbrella weather

It’s been raining all day.

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