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One of the things I love about stepping out in a big city is the fabulous window dressing you see.

When I was in Tokyo this mens shoe store display caught my eye, it’s deceptively simple but carefully and artfully arranged.

The suspended writing (a play on pinstripes?) gives a sense of movement and the nonchalant lean of the umbrella is positioned just so that you can almost sense an imaginary hand resting on the handle.

I photographed a Melbourne window display back in 2014 that also used script in a clever way, appearing in reverse you needed to look at the shadow to read it.

Anyone care to have a go at deciphering what the scribbly man says?!



Window Dressing

Window Dressing

When I closed my shop front and moved my studio home people would often remark ‘I miss your windows’.┬áBeing in a street dominated by restaurants and open exclusively by appointment had given it an aura of otherness in a town like Hobart.

I enjoyed dressing the window in the same way I now enjoy making my Garden Fairy’s Wardrobe designs – a chance to play with ideas (or simply a chance to play) by draping fabric lengths on a dress stand.

Over the years I was there I had some interesting conversations with people who regularly went past to see what was in the window and they stopped in to express their enjoyment even if they were not likely to become a client.

One was a woman who said her mother had been visiting from interstate and on returning home asked her daughter to describe the latest ‘gown’ in the window when ever she wrote to her – how I’d love to read those letters.

Another was a man who had a weekend ritual of strolling to get the newspaper and stopping to photograph my window. He enjoyed the challenge of taking an image through glass without reflection and the dress stand and fabrics reminded him of his mother who had been a seamstress.

I thought I’d add some ‘window dressing’ pictures to the Petal & Pins mix so you can travel back in time and stroll past my window too.

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